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The cuddly bunch

Seven characters, and they are all soft, cute or fuzzy. It's a double revenge against two friends, features one of our babies and it's also starring other cute characters! We honestly think a nap in the middle of that would be one of the most comfortable things.

Aria, dear, one of us told you that it would be fun to eventually draw ALL of your OCs at least once. It was Pon's turn this time around XD

We have, from left to right *inhales*: DocDoughnut's Shanna, Maple by DeadbeatMoth, our ghost kitty Vitali above the head of Pon, which is Aria-Suna-Kunoichi' character, side to side with the adorable Froppie, which is XFroggiii's, and, dulcis in fundo, Scorch by Pipsquawk and Gale by FlamSinger. We did it, we said them all! Confetti shower!