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Chibi pride 2019

Some of our original characters, from the comics/short stories/novels saga "The Way Of Legends", having fun together at a pride (to celebrate #PrideMonth 2019). The first group is composed by Lilith (Pansexual homoromantic) with her servant and friend Alejandro (Bisexual) and Alejandro's mother Arban (lesbian). Both Ale and Arban are lycanthropes and they work for Lilith.
The second group should virtually be composed by Lilith's enemies, but here they're all, if not good friends, at least friendly: Giacomo Harker (pansexual), his nephew Francesca and Francesca's boyfriend September (they are both straight allies).

Love wins! And also, they're not trying to kill each other for one day, which is definitely good...