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The rest of the wicked

Illustrations for some of our stories.

They say there's no rest for the wicked, so how come that these two sleep revered and pampered in a comfortable bed? Let's take a peek inside the house of Anita, the woman who adopted these two evil creatures as her pets!

Taker and Regina have lived most of their lives as villains, but they seem to have achieved the most precious thing: peace. We wanted to draw something cozy and at the same time spoil one of our most tortured characters: Taker, a strange lycan thing that pretends to be an house dog after ditching his villainous role, because being a pet rules. Near him is the intelligent magic cat Regina, who is still very much a tiny chaotic evil dictator-wannabe.

Illustrated with colored pencils and ballpoint pen.

Illustrated with colored pencils and ballpoint pen.